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Cell Biology Scientist

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The Role

The purpose of this role is to conduct scientific work, to support the development and production of animal myoblasts or adipocytes from stem cells to replace muscle or fat grown in animals. As a scientist you will join the Cell Biology Team.


  • Develop, optimise and characterise stem cell cultures and differentiation protocols to maximise conversion into muscle or fat cells
  • Optimise protocols for isolation and maintenance of primary stem cells in vitro
  • Design, plan, and execute complex R&D experiments ensuring that deliverables are successfully met within timelines
  • Document research findings clearly in a lab book
  • Communicate regularly in group meetings and prepare and deliver presentations to project team and internal stakeholders
  • Along with team members, provide routine laboratory maintenance, including participating in equipment upkeep, cleaning rotas and laboratory consumables stock management
  • Shared responsibility for out-of-hours cell culture maintenance.
  • Ensure that laboratory health, safety and quality procedures are followed
  • Select, follow, and adapt experimental protocols and generate laboratory SOPs
  • Support the preparation of laboratory risk assessments and maintenance of health and safety protocols
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the project and protocols
  • Keep abreast of current technologies and relevant scientific literature to help identify opportunity for improvements and reduction of costs

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Master or PhD in Life Sciences, Biotechnology or related field.
  • Significant post-doctoral experience or industry experience in myogenesis or adipogenesis
  • Extensive experience in muscle or fat biology, with deep knowledge in stem cell biology, cell metabolism and development
  • Proven experience in cell culture, including maintenance and differentiation of stem cells
  • Substantial experience in molecular biology techniques such as PCR, qRT-PCR, Western Blot, Flow cytometry and Imaging
  • Ability to work independently and as part of growing team
  • Skilled in troubleshooting and conducting multi-factorial experiments
  • Good numeracy, computer and communication skills
  • Experience with cell isolation protocols from biological samples
  • Familiarity with co-cultures and 3D culture systems
  • Application of Design of Experiments (DoE) to rationalize experiment design
  • Experience of writing SOPs and risk assessments