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East London Council – Head of Finance – Children & Education

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1. To provide strategic financial leadership for the directorate.

2. To have overall responsibility for the management of the directorate finances, financial management, including financial strategies, revenue and capital budgets, the accounts, financial systems and financial information to Members and third parties.

3. To lead an innovative proactive and responsive finance function in partnership with Group Directors and Directors to ensure the Medium Term Financial Strategy is delivered alongside service priorities.

4. To lead on behalf of the Council in negotiations with third parties on matters of significant financial consequence.

5. To deputise for the Director of Finance as and when required.


1. To lead on financial issues within the directorate and corporately where required. Head of Finance – Amended February 2007.

2. To identify and highlight areas of significant financial risk / challenge and advise Group Director and Directors on mitigations.

3. To develop and lead strategies in relation to financial risk for the business areas of the Council and corporately when required.

4. To provide robust leadership in response to the austerity agenda and other significant financial challenges.

5. To ensure that effective performance management arrangements are in place to achieve strategies, objectives and business plans, translating strategic aims into practical and achievable plans.

6. To review stakeholder requirements, standards of service, levels of performance and customer satisfaction in the context of Council objectives and communicate the results to Members and management. To support Member involvement in financial management.

7. To set appropriate three-year financial targets, based where possible on benchmarking data, for the Council and its partners, that are consistent with Council policies and the Medium Term Financial Plan and monitor performance against them.

8. To be responsible for the budgets, their management and other resources allocated to the service within the regulations of the Council, ensuring appropriate robust monitoring to avoid overspends.

9. To support the preparation of the directorate’s strategies and plans, including the impact of Government and partnership initiatives, advising on their financial implications and ensuring they are linked to financial planning and management.

10. To set appropriate financial targets for the directorate, including partners and monitor performance against them.

11. To provide timely, relevant and accurate financial information to all stakeholders including, Cabinet, Scrutiny Committees, Chief Officers, external auditors and external agencies. Being the first point of contact to resolve potentially controversial issues

12. To develop, maintain and document effective financial systems to record and report on all the financial transactions, assets and liabilities for the service and relevant partners, in accordance with all statutory, professional and operational standards.

13. To develop, maintain and document effective financial management and control systems that complement service delivery arrangement, in line with the CIPFA FM model and other measures of good practice.

14. To maximise external funding for capital and revenue schemes to deliver Council priorities by identifying potential funding streams and supporting the bid process. Head of Finance – Amended February 2007.

15. To undertake other duties commensurate with the grading of the post as may be determined.


1. Track record of strategically managing major capital and revenue budgets while delivering high quality value for money services.

2. Evidence of managing and directing major service delivery initiatives and projects from inception to implementation within budget and within set timescales.

3. Track record of strong effective leadership, with proven ability to provide vision and direction to managers, individuals and teams and to gain ownership, commitment, trust and good morale.

4. Track record of developing and embedding high performance management culture with a clear development focus, including translating strategic plans into individual and team objectives.

5. Track record of effective strategic planning and the delivery of high quality customer focused services.

6. Track recording of applying strong analytical skills and lateral thinking to develop creative innovative service solutions.

7. Evidence of highly developed oral, written and presentational skills.

8. Detailed understanding of the uses and implementation of financial information systems and new technology.

9. A track record of delivering and managing services in a manner that promotes equality of opportunity.

10. The post holder must be aware of and comply with health and safety legislation and Council health and safety policy as relevant to their post.

11. Required to work outside of normal office hours and to attend evening meetings or committees, for which no overtime will be paid.

12. This post is politically restricted in accordance with the provisions of Section 2(g) of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.

If you are interested in this role please send your updated CV in the first instance