Grounds Maintenance Team Leader

Full Time

1. Leading a designated team in the provision of grounds maintenance services throughout the open spaces with the borough of Bromley.

To carry out work in a professional and productive manner, exceeding expectations of customers and the Contract Manager and Supervisor.


A competent person is required to lead a designated team providing grounds maintenance services within the parks and open spaces in and around the borough of Bromley.

* Record keeping with the use of clear and efficient communication skills are required in addition to a good standard of horticultural grounds maintenance knowledge , skill and experience.

* You will be required to carry out grounds maintenance operations with the used of powered and non-powered machinery , performing to a high standard , while leading your team effectively , with a high level of efficacy to provide a good quality service.

* A full driving licence is essential and although full training will be provided previous experience and training for the use of ride-on mower machinery is necessary for this role.

Personal Qualifications

* To act in a professional and confident manner, to accept responsibility, to work effectively to achieve results and to set an example for your team

* To plan and organise your own time efficiently and to respond positively when under pressure and when confronted with problems


* To communicate effectively, to keep managers informed, and to listen and ask questions to ensure understanding

* To write accurate reports when requested including back to work interviews, disciplinary investigations ( if required ) with staff

* Documentation to be filled in and returned to the Contracts Manager for reviewing

Planning and Organisation

* To be efficient and organised, working to company systems, e.g. timesheets, works control tick sheets, rotas, absence request forms, etc to ensure that contractual performance obligations are met

Health & Safety

* To read, understand and work to the company’s Health & Safety Policy and use correct PPE: high-viz vest, ear defenders, gloves etc and to ensure that all staff in the company are wearing appropriate P.P.E at all times

* To ensure that all members of staff regardless of under your control, wear the appropriate company uniform at all time

* To ensure that any plant/equipment is used safely and only after suitable training has been given

* It is a requirement of the Team Leader to ensure that all staff within their team are inducted and satisfactory records passed to the Contracts Manager.

* A requirement of this role may be to travel to other company contracts in order to carry out further machinery inductions

* To understand and work to risk assessments and COSHH assessments and to report accidents and near misses

* To report any potential health & safety issues to your manager/supervisor.

Company Systems

* To be efficient and organised, working to company systems: e.g. job tick sheets, time sheets, weekly vehicle inspection sheets

* To keep accurate records of the works completed by your team and report back to your Contracts Manager/Supervisor


Development Reviews

* To make good use of the opportunity to discuss your work and review your job specification and to take an active part in planning changes and improvements as appropriate


* To be suitably trained/qualified for all work tasks undertaken, taking training opportunities where relevant and suggesting of courses that may be beneficial to you and your team

* To make yourself available to attend training courses set up by senior management that could enhance the service we deliver to the client


* To identify opportunities and suggest alternative, better, more effective ways of doing things

* To integrate a greener and more environmental policy for the contract


* Effective leadership of team under your control

* Effective communication with your client and customers

* Effective implementation of all Company policies and procedures