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Entering Exeter Cosy Club through what was the hospital’s chapel entrance you arrive into a theatrical space. With high ceilings and striking ‘institutional’ features in addition to the wonderful ambience.

The building is split down the middle with the bar to your left as you enter and the restaurant filling the right hand side of the building. There’s also a terrace cantilevered off the back of the building where you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine during the summer months. Cosy Club Exeter takes the meaning of the word ‘quirky’ to a different level; the bar is inspired by an operating table and is illuminated with surgical lighting whilst the walls are adorned with oil paintings, taxidermy, anatomical charts, and Eastern Bloc propaganda. Added to which is the usual eclectic mix of reclaimed furniture, opulent Victorian lampshades and original 1960’s Concorde hangar lights and there you have it. Oh, and if you’re feeling fancy, why not dine in ‘The Snug’, a Victorian tarot card reader’s inspired room which can seat up to 14 people. There’s nothing quite like the Cosy Club in Exeter, or even Devon for that matter, that is for sure.
Cosy Club. The eccentric and decadent destination for eating and drinking. From brunch and coffee to dinner and drinks, our guests join us for an experience like no other.

What we want

We’ve created kitchens where fresh food takes centre stage – as it always should. Our expectations are high, yet yours are higher. In partnership with the General Manager, we rely on you to influence the atmosphere in the restaurant and to master dishes that’ll delight our guests all day, every day.

Our Head Chefs deliver nothing but the best when it comes to cooking, coaching and mentoring. We’ll look to you to guide the team, ensure their wellbeing, sort stock and arrange the rota. Picture a menu crafted from fresh ingredients and high-quality produce. There’s something for everyone, and you’ll make sure presentation complements flavours. A champion of every section, you’ll be surprised by just how much cooking from scratch we do to deliver the Cosy way.

As our Head Chef you’re encouraging and consistent, process-driven and a real motivator, your passion for food and pride in what you do are undeniable, and you believe in spotting, encouraging and rewarding talent within your team. Our food deserves to be experienced, and that’s only possible with a dedicated team working in a unique kitchen environment.

What do you get?

As our Head Chef, you’ll get a competitive salary with bonus scheme that pays out regularly.
Overtime pay for every hour worked over contracted hours.
Power over your pay with Wagestream.
Annual Loyalty share award option.
Meals on duty and paid breaks.
Unlimited 50% off staff discount to partake in merriment outside working hours.
Enhanced maternity/paternity benefit (according to length of service).
An invitation to the most talked-about staff party in hospitality- Loungefest!
Best of all, you get to be a Cosy Clubber.

What we’re about

Be prepared for casual days, vibrant evenings, and weekends where we’re the life and soul of the party! Cosy Club’s unique atmosphere is consistent, but the sporadic expectations of our guests mean the pace of service can change at a moment’s notice – and so it should! This is an opportunity to call our kitchen your own and to realise what you’re capable of.

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