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* To achieve all key financial and other targets

* Achieve and maintain high levels of client satisfaction.

* Maintaining or reducing the current settlement profile


* To manage a team of Fee Earners in an effective manner. The Team’s duties will consist of Housing Disrepair Cases including all steps up to and including settlement/litigation. The responsibilities within the Team will include – the team will be allocated the file from the pre litigation team at the point an area of complexity arises. i.e. liability denied, part 36 offer expired. The litigator should then review the file with a view to litigating, settling the file on the best possible terms. If litigated the file will be managed via case management deadlines which should be closely supervised.

* To provide technical/claims handling support to the fee earners in the Team. To deal with ad hoc, day to day enquiries raised by the fee earners. To identify and meet any ongoing training/development needs.

* Manage performance within the team and addressing under performance in accordance with the company Performance Improvement Plan Policy.

People Management

* Ensure Attendance and Punctuality levels are maintained on the team and addressed where issues arise. Return to Works will be completed on each member of the team when they take unauthorised absences in accordance with the Attendance Management Policy.

* Quarterly reviews will be completed and discussed with each member of the team, achievements and shortfalls will be addressed and plans implemented where improvements are needed. Any concerns should be highlighted to senior management.

* Monthly Probation Reviews will be completed on all new members of staff for a period of 6 months and any concerns highlighted to senior management.

* Ensure targets are set for individuals and met. Under performance to be managed accordingly.


To ensure the following:-

* An excellent level of client care throughout;

* All SLAs (internal and external) are met.

* All fee earners within the Team communicate with their clients in a clear, concise and courteous manner avoiding legal jargon where possible.

* All fee earners within the Team proactively progress all cases by use of the case management system, ensuring in the process the accuracy of the data stored in the background.

* All fee earners within the Team clear their task pad on a daily basis.

* That all fee earners within the team escalate any risks, complications or areas of uncertainty.

* All fee earners within the Team escalate any client concerns or complaints.

* To review and approve proceedings.

* That all fee earners contact clients by telephone and maintain regular and pro-active telephone contact with clients as required by our Service Level Agreements.

* To demonstrate an ability to work to deadlines and be self-sufficient.

* Ensure all court timetables are met/limitation dates