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Are you getting the service you deserve/ desire from your current licensing agency?

Unfortunately, for most Licensing Officers we ask, the answer is no. The top 3 reasons being:

* Inaccurate Pay Rates

* Old-fashioned/ Convoluted timesheet process

* Once you are in contract you stop receiving calls

With such a limited choice of agencies to choose from, you can often feel that there is no other option, and most licensing individuals put up with the service that they are currently receiving.

However, there is now another option… The Oyster Partnership.

Working with Oyster you can expect:

* An accurate rate breakdown before the start of your contract so you know exactly what you are working for

* A timesheet portal to ensure reliable, weekly payments

* Fortnightly aftercare calls to you and your manager, so we can correct any problems with the contract as they arise

* We would always rather ‘move you than lose you’, so we will always run new roles past you, even while you’re contracting with us.

If you’re a Licensing Officer in the Sussex area considering contract roles, please apply below with an up-to-date CV.

I look forward to speaking with you