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Resources Team Leader

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Purpose of Job

The post is accountable to the Head of Strategy and Resources for the management of 6 staff undertaking a range of business support services including technical support to transport and support to the Directorate on orders and invoices,.


* Responsible for producing financial estimates and statistics for annual programmes of work with detailed costings for specific projects/areas of work/ create applications for approval and claims for payment and subsequent monitoring of such budgets. Analyse reports to ensure adequacy of funding and seek additional funding arrangements when necessary.

* Have comprehensive knowledge of Contract Standing Orders, financial regulations, any relevant statutory obligations and advise officers as required. Set up procedural checklists where appropriate and alert supervising officers when action needs to be taken.

* Responsible for regular monitoring and reporting of Corporate Responsive and Cyclical Maintenance revenue budgets to budget manager/finance officers and ensure necessary reserves are carried forward.

* Responsible for ensuring that all fees payable to the Directorate are recovered to achieve targets and that processes are in place to facilitate and monitor recovery. To advise on budgetary control processes and income management.

* Professional

* Responsible for the administration and monitoring of the Property Services Capital Programme, Planned Maintenance Programme in consultation with Service Managers.

* Responsible for administration and monitoring of TfL funding in compliance with London Mayer’s Transport Strategy and provide regular updates regarding shortfall/surplus of funding to group managers. Recommend funding movements and secure additional funding from TfL/other funding methods when required